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The Cape Town Squad International
Film Festival

This is an independent short film festival based in Cape Town, South Africa that takes place annually. The festival is hosted by actors and filmmakers Natasha Mayet and Jacques Adriaanse. The second annual Cape Town Squad International Film Festival will take place 10-11 November 2023 at the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town. 

The theme this year is Embracing Diversity and Cultural Exchange Through Film. Last year we had films from South Africa and worldwide, including countries such as the Uk, Morroco, China and the USA. 

The festival will open with a series of industry talks. The screening of selected films will be followed by in person and virtual Q/As. Winning films will be eligible for awards (sponsors/prizes TBC). 

The Cape Town Squad International Film Festival offers a range of exciting opportunities for participating filmmakers: 

Film Screening: Your school will have the chance to showcase its best films to a diverse audience, including film enthusiasts, industry professionals, and fellow filmmakers and selected films will have the chance to participate in our Q&A. 

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry experts, filmmakers, and potential collaborators during the festival's networking events, panel discussions, and workshops. This is an excellent opportunity for your students and faculty to engage with professionals in the field and gain valuable insights.

Awards and Recognition: Selected films are eligible for various awards, recognizing excellence in different categories. 

Cultural Exchange: The festival celebrates diversity and aims to foster cultural exchange. Your film school will have the opportunity to showcase unique perspectives, narratives, and cultural influences, further enriching the festival experience for all attendees.


Regular Deadline: July 1st 2023

Late Deadline: August 1st 2023

Extended Deadline: October 1st 2023

Notification Date: October 16th 2023

Film Production
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