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The Cape Town Squad International
Film Festival

This niche film festival based in Cape Town, South Africa. The festival is organized by actors and will focus on highlighting high quality independent short films from filmmakers from Africa and around the world, with a focus on storytelling and the best acting performances.

The Cape Town Squad International Film Festival (CTSIFF) is a festival hosted in Cape Town South Africa that contributes to growing the independent short-film community in Africa and other around the world. It serves as a platform for independent film-makers to showcase their to industry professionals. 

The festival is presented annually and the online and physical screening is hosted in Cape Town at selected venues.

CTSIFF2022 will be presented as a virtual festival, with a small selection of films to be screened live subject to prevailing Covid-19 related restrictions.

The official opening for submissions calls on global filmmakers to speak to the myriad of ways we have all restructured our reality. This year’s curatorial theme is ‘Adaptation’; DIFF is challenging filmmakers during these times of unprecedented transformation to rise and introduce audiences to fresh perspectives of diversity and inclusion. The festival is looking for films that reach back while looking forward, focusing on strengthening the tapestry of indigenous and authentic African stories with a global view to sustainability and inclusion. These could be films that speak to migration, climate adjustment, social isolation, hybrid integration and films that explore other ways in which humanity is expanding.

The festival focusses on authentic and indigenous story telling from around the world with a global view to sustainability and inclusion. Priority is given to films with the most powerful story-telling, diversity and gripping acting performances.

This is a festival started Cape Town Filmmakers with the goal of advancing community amongst indie filmmakers and encouraging diversity in short films in Africa and across the world. While we encourage diversity our focus remains on story and authentic filmmaking. 

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